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Kelli Powers, Decatur Morgan Hospital President

About Us

Message from Kelli Powers our President:

"When we say breathe easier and deliver closer to home, we want to let the mom-to-be in our area know that Decatur Morgan Hospital has served as the premier provider of women’s health care in Morgan County for more than 100 years. Our board-certified OBs and the skilled and experienced nursing staff work with moms-to-be and their families to develop a birth and care plan that is right for her. It would be our privilege to be where you choose to deliver your baby."

Mother, baby, Dad and nurses in the updated labor and delivery room

Decatur Morgan Hospital offers superior childbirth care and support that makes more moms choose us for their babies’ first days.


Our updated, comfortable and spacious maternity birthing and recovery suites are designed to keep new and expecting moms and their family members as comfortable, as possible. The rooms offer:

  • A sofa and a sleep chair for your birthing partner

  • A private bathroom

  • Flatscreen TV

Customizable amenities for your labor and delivery, so you can design a birth plan with your physician that caters directly to your needs

  • Early bonding with your baby, including support for skin-to-skin contact

  • Enhanced newborn security measures

  • Flexible visiting hours

  • Prenatal screenings, including ultrasound imaging

  • Level II Nursery

  • Tours of our birthing centers prior to labor and delivery

Your Labor and Delivery Team at Decatur Morgan Hospital

  • Labor and Delivery and Nursery Nurses with over 587 years combined experience

  • Lactation Counselor to guide the breastfeeding experience

  • Clinical Technicians


Other postpartum aspects we support include: 

  • Skin-to-skin bonding time, promoted both right after delivery and during your time with us after birth

  • Rooming in, which allows the newborn’s crib to remain right beside the mother’s bed

  • Breastfeeding assistance, with help from lactation counselor and other trained staff

  • Helpful newborn care information, such as when to contact your doctor if your baby is sick, tips for safe sleeping and details on shaken baby syndrome


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